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Chinese tonic herbs for athletes

There are many different types and classes of Chinese herbs on the market, each claiming benefits of health and radiance.  However, there are certain Super Tonic Herbs which are taken by athletes throughout the world which are said to benefit them in many areas of performance. Having done some background research I have tried and tested some of the best Chinese herb supplements on the market. Below is a review of both Deer Antler and Cordyceps.

DEER ANTLER (fortifies Yang energy of the kidneys)

In a nutshell Deer Antler is a supplement which has been derived from the tips of deer, as these have shown great regenerative abilities.  In the spring, antlers naturally grow up to nearly 2cm every day.

Experts have safely and effectively extracted Deer Antler to produce a supplement for human consumption. Deer Antler claims to increase physical energy, longevity and build blood.  It contains minerals and trace minerals as well as proteins and growth factors.

Additional benefits:

  • Strengthens the adrenal and brain function
  • Strengthens the lower back, knees and waist
  • Improves circulation
  • Builds strength and power
  • Enhances libido
  • Increases work capacity
  • Helps to decrease fatigue
  • Used as a rejuvenating agent

On taking I noticed a warm feeling all over which lasts for up to an hour and a clarity in my vision. It gives a slight pump to the muscles and I noticed a slight bloat to the stomach which lasted for about an hour.  It is a great lifting supplement and increases in focus and strength were noted.

Chinese medicine claims that Deer Antler strengthens the spleen, lower back and knees. After a while after taking you notice a strengthening in the lower back and behind the knees and muscle tone and size drastically increases.  It can leave you feeling tight and heavy legged. Overall, it is suited more for the LIFTER rather than the CARDIO KING.

CORDYCEPS (associated organs kidneys and lungs)

Cordyceps is classed as one of the best in the Chinese tonic herbal system. It is ranked highly along with Deer Antler and is used throughout the world by many athletes. It contains both Yin and Yang and is known to restore energy used during physical activities.

Additional benefits:

  • Strengthens brain power
  • Healing
  • Enhances libido
  • Strengthens skeletal structure (overextended use)
  • Strengthens lungs (respiratory power)
  • Non-steroidal
  • Increases muscle mass

As long as you are willing to pay out for a top graded tincture then Cordyceps does exactly what it says on the tin. However, as well as the listed benefits I did notice some other effects. Once taken I immediately noticed an instant unease and agitation. It was as though I could not sit still (too much Yang energy). Obviously this feeling reduced once I started to train. I also noticed that during running, although my breathing was improved, my legs felt heavy and solid. During the rest of the day my muscles maintained a slight pump. Very much like Deer Antler, I would recommend Cordyceps for the LIFTER rather than CARDIO KING.

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Chinese tonic herbs for athletes

There are many different types and classes of Chinese herbs on the market, each claiming benefits of health and radiance.  However, there are certain Super…

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