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A wealth of experience

Having more than 20 years experience in the boxing game as an amateur and professional fighter and coach, Keith Sheen has a wealth of experience when it comes to getting results in physical fitness.

An amateur boxing champion and current professional boxer, Keith Sheen has a vast knowledge of what it takes to reach the top. Whether your goals are health & fitness, weight loss/mass gain, or strength and conditioning for being a champion in your given sport, Keith Sheen will make this possible with simple, fun and effective methods. A no nonsense approach to training is applied in order for you to reach your goals effectively.

Keith Sheen’s experiences in the ring as a fighter and out of the ring as a personal trainer and coach,  have taught him that physical fitness is both physical and mental. With hard work, determination and focus, anything is possible!


“If you set your sights high, you may find that you only reach a level below them. However, that place will still be higher than where you are now. Dream big.”

Keith Sheen