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Boxing training plans for the gym user

How many times have you been to the gym, blasted the heavy bag and then suddenly stopped, whether it be boredom or fatigue? When training you need to set yourself a plan and follow a routine to mix up your session. This will make your sessions more fun and effective as they will target different muscles and energy systems.


First of all write out a routine on paper the day/night before as this is when your intentions are running high. Your aim is then to complete the session the following day with 100% focus and commitment, making sure you finish everything on the routine.


Variety is the ‘spice of life’. It is important to try and target as many different areas as possible for fitness/skill gains and to maintain focus.

  • Start off with a gentle warm up of 2-3 rounds shadow boxing, working on stance, guard, movement, defence and punching. Keep it simple, keep it fluid.
  • Next, practice each punch 10-15 times on the heavy bag focusing on technique working all three ranges – long, medium and short (half speed, half power).
  • Practice punching the heavy bag whilst moving to your left only – 1 round.
  • Same again but moving to the right – 1 round.


Each round you will focus on different themes each time.

ROUND 1 – Straight shots only. Just using long snappy punches both up and down the heavy bag maintaining it at long range.

ROUND 2 – Three punch combinations using straight punches and hooks. For example jab, cross, hook. Use your imagination and have some fun.

ROUND 3 – Infighting. Practice working at close range to the bag using hooks and uppercuts.

ROUND 4 – Power boxing. This involves a combination of speed, power and volume. Throwing as many punches as possible during the round whilst mixing up speed shots with a power shot every 3-4 punches.

For those that want a little bit more!

Below are conditioning drills which can be used at the end of your session if you have anything left in the tank.

30, 30, 30, 30 DRILL

  • For the first 30 seconds, hit the heavy bag as hard as possible. Focus on your trunk rotation.
  • For the second 30 seconds, box the bag nice and easy. Keep it off with light jabs during the ‘active recovery’.
  • Next 30 seconds, jog around the bag with your knees up to hip height as if riding a bike. Simultaneously throwing non-stop punches. Jab and rear hand repeated.
  • Last 30 seconds, power boxing. Throw as many punches as possible mixing in speed and power.
  • Ensure you cool down with some light cardio for 10 minutes followed by some dynamic stretching.


1. Plan your workout the day before.

2. Add as much variety to your session as possible.

3. Focus and imagination = SIMULATION

4. Don’t just punch the bag, SCHOOL IT!


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