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How to naturally increase testosterone levels

Without getting weighed down too much with the science of it all, I am going to explain how to naturally raise testosterone levels in order to TRAIN like a champion.

What is testosterone and why is it important?

Testosterone is a hormone which is primarily secreted in the testicles of males and ovaries of females.  In effect it is a steroid.

What is it responsible for?

It plays a role in reproduction and the building of muscle, bone mass and body hair.  Production of it is greater in men than women and is this is regulated by the pituitary gland.


As you can see because it plays a role in the production of muscle and bone it is important for anyone involved in physical activity. When levels run low, the pituitary gland secretes a hormone known as LUTEINIZING which travels to your adrenalin glands to trigger testosterone production.


As we age testosterone levels rapidly decrease making your fitness gains harder to achieve. However, by following these simple principles you can slow down the decline.


1. If you really want to take advantage of the ‘ANABOLIC’ window, do your training between the hours 0200-0400hrs. It has been proven that male testosterone levels are at their highest during this time. ‘T’ levels will then decrease throughout the day being at their lowest around 1500hrs onwards.

2. Detoxify. Our body absorbs many pollutants in today’s society from car emissions through to shower and tap water.  As well as many other forms of ‘heavy metal’ poisoning. The more polluted we become the lower our ‘T’ levels.  If possible invest in shower head and tap water filters. Preferably ones with a back wash system. By trying to drink and wash in the cleanest water possible you will reduce the risk of contamination. Tap and shower water contain many chemicals and contaminants which are used to purify the water after its recycling process, however, the level of purification is not as great as you might think. Before water enters your home it has many chemicals added to it to cleanse and purify the water.  These chemicals, however, are harmful to our bodies and in turn reduce ‘T’ levels. In fact it has been proven that you absorb more of these pollutants through a shower than drinking. This is due to the fact that human skin is the largest organ of the body.

3. Say no to sugar (yeah right!). It is proven that testosterone levels decrease after we eat sugar due to heightened insulin levels. Now we live in a realistic world so for me to say cut out sugar altogether would be easier said than done, so do what you can.

4. Minimise stress. Too much stress will bring on an increase in cortisol levels which will play havoc with your testosterone. If you have the chance to find a quiet place for 10 minutes a day, use it to RELAX. The only thing you should be hearing is your breathing and inner voice, which should be telling you to relax.

5. Supplementation. Avoid any form of synthetic T boosters at all costs. Most of them contain harmful substances and although they may seem to work initially, they will leave your hormone balance out of sync. In the long run you could end up with ‘T’ levels lower than what they were to begin with. Remember too much estrogen will leave you looking soft and puffy. Not a great look.

If you do wish to take a safe and all natural supplement to help boost your ‘T’ levels, I recommend DIMPro. Below I have attached all the relevant info on this product for you to read at your leisure:

6. In order to maintain high ‘T’ levels you need to conduct physical exercise as much as possible. But remember this can be a double edge sword, therefore, TRAIN HARD, REST HARD!



MSM is a naturally-occurring form of dietary sulphur found in fresh raw foods (not involved in the cycle  of rain). It is used to clean out and regenerate the liver. Start with 1/16 of a teaspoon with some water.

ZEOLITE (powdered form)

Zeolite is a volcanic mineral which when consumed pulls toxins from your body.  These exit the body through your urine.


Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, meaning your body doesn’t store it. Vit C helps with repairing of muscle tissues, healing of injuries and maintenance of bones and teeth. A strong antioxidant which plays a role in hormonal homeostasis. It strengthens the immune system by suppressing the stress hormones.  The stress hormone cortisol causes catabolism within the body, therefore, by limiting cortisol Vit C promotes an anabolic environment consisting of the release of testosterone.  Increase your Vit C intake daily and not through drinking orange juice, which most are high in sugar.  Goji berries have an extremely high Vit C content as well as CAMU CAMU. These two supplements work well together.


The mineral Zinc is extremely important in the production of testosterone. Without realising it many men suffer from Zinc deficiancy and as a result have low ‘T’ levels. You can improve your Zinc intake ideally through your diet (raw milk, raw cheese, oysters) or through supplementation. Remember food (organic) is always the better option, however if Zinc needs to be taken in tablet form for convenience, do your research first. Stick to a dosage less than 40mg a day (upper limit). Too much Zinc will interfere with your body’s ability to absorb other minerals.


Vitamin D increases ‘T’ levels. In this country we clearly do not get enough Vit D through the sun, therefore, it is advisable to take a supplement form of Vit D.

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