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Weight Loss/Mass Gain

Want to fit back into your old clothes or want to stack on some size, then Ma-Sheen Fitness is for you.  Having to make weight to compete numerous times as a boxer, Keith Sheen knows it can be a tiresome task; however, by using effective training methods and programmes, Ma-Sheen Fitness will help you lose the weight safely and easily.  For the individuals who want to put on muscle mass then Ma-Sheen Fitness can help.  Using current, tried and tested methods, Ma-Sheen Fitness will get you where you want to be.

How to naturally increase testosterone levels

Without getting weighed down too much with the science of it all, I am going to explain how to naturally raise testosterone levels in order…

Bootneck Boot Camp

Ma-Sheen Fitness Bootneck Boot Camp Bootneck Boot Camp is your premier choice for  Boot Camp training in the Jewellery Quarter. Delivered by a former Royal…

Handy tips for the self-trainer

In today’s society not everybody has the benefit of a personal trainer. The majority of gym users tend to train themselves through trial and error…

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