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Weight Loss/Mass Gain

Want to fit back into your old clothes or want to stack on some size, then Ma-Sheen Fitness is for you.  Having to make weight to compete numerous times as a boxer, Keith Sheen knows it can be a tiresome task; however, by using effective training methods and programmes, Ma-Sheen Fitness will help you lose the weight safely and easily.  For the individuals who want to put on muscle mass then Ma-Sheen Fitness can help.  Using current, tried and tested methods, Ma-Sheen Fitness will get you where you want to be.

Handy tips for the self-trainer

In today’s society not everybody has the benefit of a personal trainer. The majority of gym users tend to train themselves through trial and error…

Boxing training plans for the gym user

How many times have you been to the gym, blasted the heavy bag and then suddenly stopped, whether it be boredom or fatigue? When training…

Chinese tonic herbs for athletes

There are many different types and classes of Chinese herbs on the market, each claiming benefits of health and radiance.  However, there are certain Super…

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