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To find out more about the different services available from Ma-Sheen Fitness just click on a heading below.

Personal Training

Come and experience one on one PT in a friendly and professional environment. With PT, the sole focus is on YOU ensuring that you reach your goals through a variety of both simple and complex, effective methods.

Boot Camp

Need to work in a group to stay motivated or just fancy the challenge of military style outdoor fitness?  Then Ma-Sheen Fitness Boot Camps are for you.  Using a small amount of equipment and the benefits of nature as your environment, experience a training session like no other.  A no-nonsense approach to training which is fun and effective will keep you running high on adrenaline all week long.  Do you have what it takes?

Strength & Conditioning

To be the best in your sport, technique will take you only so far; however, incorporating sport specific strength and conditioning training will give you the edge over your opponent or opposing team.  Maybe you just want the edge on the gym floor or in the weight room? Ma-Sheen Fitness Strength & Conditioning will give you all of this and more. “I will not become a product of my environment; my environment will become a product of me!” Strength and conditioning is the key!

Boxing Technical Training

With 15 years boxing experience as a Royal Marines amateur champion and professional boxer, Keith Sheen has the knowledge and experience to teach you the tools of the trade within the ring.  Whether you want to improve competitively (amateur or pro) or want to learn the basics and keep fit, then Ma-Sheen Fitness Boxing Technical Training is for you!

Weight Loss/Mass Gain

Want to fit back into your old clothes or want to stack on some size, then Ma-Sheen Fitness is for you.  Having to make weight to compete numerous times as a boxer, Keith Sheen knows it can be a tiresome task; however, by using effective training methods and programmes, Ma-Sheen Fitness will help you lose the weight safely and easily.  For the individuals who want to put on muscle mass then Ma-Sheen Fitness can help.  Using current, tried and tested methods, Ma-Sheen Fitness will get you where you want to be.

Fitness Testing

Offering the ability for you to see how fit you really are in all areas of physical fitness.  How strong are you?  What is your cardio like?  How physically fit are you?  A number of tests will be used to assess your performance using strength exercises, testing flexibility and postural assessments and cardio-respiratory testing.

Circuit Training

If you want to be put through your paces through numerous exercises targeting all parts of the body whilst taxing the respiratory system then Ma-Sheen Fitness Circuit Training is a must for you!

Reap the benefits of an all over body workout which is fun and effective and will keep you happy and give you the body you require.  Circuit training is used in many sports and throughout the Armed Forces worldwide as a simple and effective method of attaining a good level of physical fitness.


Develop your team as a whole and individually by taking part in corporate level outdoor Ma-Sheen Fitness team challenges.

Using methods and experience from training the country’s elite Royal Marines Commandos, Keith Sheen, has what it takes to develop any team within any business.

Make your workforce SHARP, REACTIVE and PROACTIVE, by sending them through a Ma-Sheen Fitness Boot Camp.  It is FUN, FRIENDLY and EFFECTIVE.  By the end, your team will have been challenged and tested physically, mentally and emotionally, but they will all be winners in the end!


“I was amazed at how the sessions challenged me, and they certainly highlighted areas of training that would be very beneficial for my overall fitness, strength and injury prevention. Keith’s sessions have been fantastic, with each one being completely different and tailored to my specific needs. I really noticed the benefits in my normal runs, feeling stronger, fitter and faster. Keith is great at pushing you to work hard, and makes each session interesting and fun.”

Mhairi Keil, Performance Nutritionist, Birmingham

“Keith’s knowledge of all aspects of physical development is exceptional and as well as helping me improve my physique he has educated me about training, recovery and nutrition. His methods are individually tailored to your requirements and personality which makes you immediately confident in his abilities. I couldn’t express how highly I rate his knowledge and skills and I have physically seen the results! MaSheen fitness will simply give you results you require!”

Tim Hufton, Entrepreneur, Solihull