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Bootneck Boot Camp

Ma-Sheen Fitness Bootneck Boot Camp

Bootneck Boot Camp is your premier choice for  Boot Camp training in the Jewellery Quarter. Delivered by a former Royal Marine you can be sure of authentic Military Style Fitness training in Birmingham City Centre.

The big difference between our Boot Camp and any other Boot Camp in Birmingham City Centre is the quality of our instruction and our authenticity. Ma-Sheen Fitness Bootneck Boot Camp is a first hand experience of Combat Style Fitness in Birmingham City Centre. Keith Sheen, the company director and founder of Ma-Sheen Fitness served 13 years as a Royal Marine Commando before starting his career as a Personal Trainer. During his years in service as a ‘Bootneck’ (the nickname given to Royal Marines by other servicemen) he worked in many roles and operations, but his first rate instruction comes from his experience working on the recruitment and training team of some of the worlds elite soldiers. What you can expect is a fun, driven and motivating session that can be tailored towards all levels. A great Boot Camp for those looking to lose weight, attain new fitness levels and sample some real Combat Style Fitness training.

 Suitable for All Levels, beginners welcome

Come and experience the authentic training and gym tests carried out by the nation’s elite combat soldiers, delivered in a fun, friendly and motivating environment that is designed to push  you to your limits. 

Authentic fitness drills and ‘games’ as carried out by the nation’s elite soldiers. We train in all weather conditions! Meet at Fighting Fit City Gym and get ready for some outdoor Boot Camp training in the Jewellery Quarter…..possibly with mud!

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